Henegar Center

Members of the Strawbridge Art League must keep in mind that we rent facilities at Henegar. The Strawbridge Art League is but one of 75 non-profit organizations that Henegar serves during the year including dance studios, photography clubs, theater groups, musical groups of all kinds, literary groups, as well as numerous businesses. Your assistance in remembering that we serve the Henegar Center for the Arts as invited guestes would be much appreciated.

The Henegar has a website located at www.henegar.org

Special Exhibits

The galleries upstairs at Henegar Center are reserved for special exhibitions. These are to be of a qualitative or special interest nature and include such programs as Juried Shows, Solo Shows, Themed Shows, or Group Exhibits. All exhibits may be subject to change. Remember, the Gala Openings take place generally a week or more after the take-ins for these shows.

General Membership

This is one of the main benefits of belonging to the Strawbridge Art League. All members are welcome to bring in up to two pieces of work for each exhibit. There is a $3.00 hanging fee for each piece. Henegar Center for the Arts handles all sales for a 20% donation. Checks for all sales should be made out to Henegar Center for the Arts. Henegar then pays the artist.

All works must stay for the duration of the exhibit, however, unless there is some emergency. Prior arrangements must be made to remove works with someone responsible in the Strawbridge Art League so that Henegar Center can be appropriately notified.

All changes of exhibitions are made on Mondays from 2-4 pm unless otherwise noted due to holidays. Themes are suggestions only for added interest.